Sunday, June 21, 2009

Falling in Love Again

I am the first to admit that it takes me a while to fall in love with my fetuses. Of course, I always want the best for them. I take my vitamins and don't do anything that could endanger them, but it takes me a few months to actually feel attached. This could have something to do with my December '06 miscarriage and not counting my chickens before they hatch, I'm really not sure.

This starts to change for me as soon as I see the ultrasound picture of the baby inside of me. I start dreaming and planning. I start thinking up names and looking forward to my due date but most importantly, I start connecting. I love seeing the baby move on the screen and it's a good thing I don't own a machine or I'd lay on the couch all day with jelly on my tummy and my eyes glued to the screen just to see what he or she was up to!

Every time I feel the baby move now I have a picture in my head of a gorgeous little baby turning flips, waving it's hand, moving it's mouth.

Hurry up November, I'm falling in love and my arms can't bear to be empty much longer!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Went to Motherhood maternity at CoolSprings Galleria today and spent too much money. I'm really tired tonight but am excited about the new clothes. Clara got 2 new pairs of shoes. She played with them all the way home.

Here is a picture of her from yesterday morning chewing on her monitor antenna. Perhaps not the best teething device?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Pool

This is a $99 Wal-mart special and it was worth every penny! We have had so much fun with it. The kids and their friends have used it every possible day.

It needs to be cleaned now though. Gonna have to get a skimmer, a vacuum and a test kit. Yay! This $99 pool is gonna cost us $300 before long!