Thursday, April 16, 2009

Putting It Out There!

So, I was kicking around a few ideas about what I oughtta include in my blog. Should I keep it strictly rated PG? Should I keep the subject content only to my children? Should I keep other people in my life and their issues off this site?

I decided no. I am who I am, and I want to feel free to talk about whatever I need to talk about. I am not a rated PG person, I curse like a rated R movie and sometimes my life even includes some XXX moments too!

My Children are THE number one focus of my life but in raising them other issues, people, feelings, etc. come into play so just about anything that is important to me affects the way I raise my children and the way I view my life. All subject matter is relevant in that way.

Other people affect me who also affect my children so although I may refer to them, I will leave names out-or complete names out, in order to be respectful.

Ugh, looks like Clara has awoken...she's been down all of 1 hour. Might be teething, she's been super fussy the last 2 nights.

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