Sunday, May 24, 2009

Krystal's Wedding

This is a picture of Me, 12 weeks pregnant, My blondie, Olivia, my mother, Rose and my tall sister Amy. I am 5'1 and not wearing heels, so my short stature is even further amplified. Nice huh?

This picture was taken right before leaving for my niece, Krystal's wedding on May ninth. She looked stunning in her off white, strapless dress with tons of gathers and rosettes. The wedding was beautiful and of course I cried when she cried while saying her vows. Weddings have gotten more emotional as I have aged. I suppose being married for 12 years and experiencing all that goes with it probably has something to do with it. Seeing a new couple embark on that fateful, joyous and at the same time treacherous journey is a privilege and yet you almost want to hold your breath as you wonder-do they know? How will they get through it? How will marriage change them?

The kiss

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